Advancing Arts and Culture | LSU Strategic Plan 2025

Our Strategic Challenges

LSU will be a recognized global leader in Arts and Culture.

Advancing Arts and Culture

LSU will be a global leader in the creation, cultivation, and promotion of the arts, humanities, and of Louisiana’s extraordinary cultural heritage.

Impact Economic Development

LSU will engage with civic leaders to advance Louisiana’s creative industries and to grow and diversify Louisiana’s economy through innovative arts and cultural partnerships and initiatives.

Expand Community Involvement in Arts

As part of its land-grant mission, LSU will partner with arts and culture organizations to serve Louisiana’s communities through meaningful engagement programs.

Promote Arts as Essential to Education

LSU will demonstrate the value of an arts education and promote the impact of the arts on our society.

Enhance Student Engagement in Arts

LSU will graduate creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers by connecting all students to arts and cultural experiences.

University-led Initiatives

The Louisiana Arts Connection

LSU will partner with community arts and culture organizations, along with civic leaders to create a unified vision to increase visibility and raise awareness of the importance of arts and culture in the community, thereby branding Baton Rouge as an arts destination. The LSU arts hub will be a virtual and physical space delivering a comprehensive arts calendar and ticketing system, exhibition space for artists, promotional information for the arts community, and a collaborative marketing strategy through print, radio, and social media.

The Institute for Dialogue, Diversity and Culture

LSU will address a significant challenge that revolves around the rhetoric of diversity and inclusion. Tackling this issue substantively so that we build bridges rather than perpetuate silos is essential to moving forward as an institution, a state, and a nation. While this challenge presents enormous aspirations for community and unity, at its core is a need to understand our perceptions of each other and foster free and open communication. The Institute will have significant impact on how we educate, counsel, articulate in text or in word, and perform visually and musically.