Group Counseling

Group counseling offers a safe environment in which to give and receive support regarding specific issues, explore healthy behaviors, and develop new ways of coping. It allows an opportunity to learn more about oneself and others in a climate of trust and mutual support.

Mental Health Service (MHS) offers a variety of groups each semester – some currently offered groups are described below. Like individual counseling, group counseling at MHS is confidential; information disclosed to other members is not discussed outside the group.

For more information, call 225-578-8774 or stop by MHS, located on the second floor of the Student Health Center.

Emotional Wisdom Seminars

Come learn and practice skills for effective management of anxious and depressed moods! This series meets Wednesdays in Mental Health Service at 3pm. You do not have to pre-register and can attend as many seminars as you like.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Wednesdays • 3:00pm - 4:15pm • Room 296, SHC
Aug 29 Active Coping: Breathe Your Way to Calm
Sept 5 Cognitive Toolkit for Reducing Negative Moods
Sept 12 Mindfulness in Practice
Sept 19 When Panic Attacks
Sept 26 Mastering Social Anxiety
Oct 10 Cultivating Self-Care: The Power of Social Connection
Oct 17 Active Coping: Breathe Your Way to Calm
Oct 24 Cognitive Toolkit for Reducing Negative Moods
Oct 31 Cultivating Self-Care: Best Practices for Restful Sleep
Nov 7 When Panic Attacks
Nov 14 Wise Mind I: Habits of a Healthy Mind
Nov 28 Wise Mind II: Finding Balance

Trauma Recovery Skills

Students who are experiencing nightmares, panic, or feelings of disconnection will practice skills for cultivating a greater sense of safety, reconnection, and emotional balance to support improved sleep and physical health.

Female-identified students only at this time. You do not have to pre-register and can attend as many seminars as you would like.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Thursdays • 2:30pm - 4:00pm  Room 250, SHC
Sept 13 Finding Calm
Sept 20 Changing the Script
Sept 27 Reclaiming Your Life
Mondays • 2:30pm - 4:00pm • Room 250, SHC
Oct 29 Finding Calm
Nov 5 Changing the Script
Nov 12 Reclaiming Your Life

Students can attend Emotional Wisdom and Trauma Recovery Skills seminars without a referral. Please inquire at Mental Health Service about all other groups.


Additional groups are available to students each semester on specific topics relevant to the campus community.

A variety of interpersonal therapy groups are available each semester. You may select an undergraduate or graduate-student-based interpersonal group. These groups allow individuals to grow in awareness of both self and others through the practice and experience of relating effectively with the group in a supportive and safe environment. Typical concerns appropriate to the group therapy setting include relationships, self-growth, communication, and assertiveness. Individuals interested in participating in group therapy should discuss options during their initial clinical consultation appointment or with their current therapist.

For female graduate students interested in personal self-growth and increasing feelings of self-esteem and well-being. This group addresses issues frequently encountered by women in graduate school, including, but not limited to, personal assertiveness, body image, relationships, family, academic pressures, and stress management. Group openings may be limited.

For male students interested in exploring their inner-self, being able to freely express their emotions, and relating with other males in a healthy way.

For doctoral level students currently working toward completion of their dissertation. This group provides support, offers additional accountability and structure, teaches ways to effectively manage anxiety/stress, and helps to increase personal motivation. Participation in a support group is an excellent way of learning from others who are taking part in the same academic journey.

This 3 - session workshop teaches effective therapeutic strategies for coping with traumatic stress. Students experiencing distressing symptoms such as nightmares, hypervigilance, panic, or feelings of disconnection/avoidance will practice skills for cultivating a greater sense of safety, reconnection, and emotional balance. Student can self-refer for this skills workshop.

For undergraduate and graduate students interested in building social comfort and skills in an 8-session (once per week), structured group. Appropriate members are open and willing to engage in structured activities and homework. This group will provide a safe space to help members be able to tolerate conflict, be less self-critical, develop more comfort in social situations, and deepen emotional connection with others.

For students seeking to reduce emotional distress, increase self-compassion, and improve their sense of well-being and connectedness. This 8-session (once per week) group guides students through an experiential learning process focused on applying mindfulness principles and meditation practice in daily life. No previous meditation experience necessary. 

This psychoeducational/process group is designed to bring understanding and compassion toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. Students learn how to ge caring and gentle with themselves in times of great difficulty, with the hope of recognizing that being imperfect and experiencing difficulties in life are inevitable.