Encounter EngineeringBudgets and Compensation for Faculty

Summer & Intersession Programs

For every summer and intersession study abroad program, there are two sources of income from students/participants: the program fee and the tuition. 

  • The tuition amounts are set by LSU; students on study abroad programs pay the same tuition as students on campus.
  • The program fee is unique to each program and is determined by the program director.

Program Fee

The program fee should be developed using the budget template. Step-by-step directions on filling out the budget template can be found in the First-Time Directors’ Companion. The program fee should include all faculty travel costs and all expenses for students that are included in the study abroad program. Upon return to Baton Rouge, you will need to complete the Spending Report Template. This is to be used to report how group advance funds were spent. The completed spending report and the original receipts should be submitted to APA no later than the 7th day of the month after you return to Baton Rouge.  Although each program will be unique, common expenses covered by program fees include:

  • Student housing
  • One (or more) meal(s) per day
  • Health insurance (international programs only)
  • Ground transportation
  • Fieldtrips and excursions
  • Faculty housing
  • Faculty airfare
  • Faculty per diems

AgrentinaTuition and Faculty Compensation

Compensation for faculty on study abroad programs is based on program enrollment as follows:

Program Enrollment    Faculty Salary

5-8 students                $2,750
9-12 students              $3,300
12-15 students            $3,850
16-20 students            $4,400
21-25 students            $4,950
26 or more students    $5,500

In addition to these salary amounts, Program Directors (one per program) will also receive an additional supplement based on enrollment:

Program Enrollment    Director Stipend

5-8 students                $550
9-12 students              $1,100
12-15 students            $1,650
16-20 students            $2,200
21-25 students            $2,750
26 or more students    $3,300

The minimum enrollment for any program is five students. The salary amounts above assume that all students in the program are enrolled in two courses each; programs where students take one course will have the salary amount for teaching (the first amount listed) cut in half.

The money for the salaries comes from the tuition that students pay, not the program fee. The amounts for salaries should not be included in the program fee or on the budget template.