Senior College Scholarships


Senior college scholarships are open to entering freshmen and transfer students, as well as currently enrolled students, who intend to major or are currently majoring in a curriculum within a specific college.

How to Apply

Entering Freshmen and Transfer Students

The application for admission also serves as the primary application for all academic college scholarship opportunities. Students selected for one of these scholarships are notified directly by the academic college. Contact the academic college of your intended major regarding questions about their specific scholarships. Scholarships vary by academic college.

Enrolled Students

Enrolled students should contact the academic college of their current major regarding questions about scholarships available. Scholarships vary by academic college.

Scholarships Available

For an example of scholarship opportunities for students in each senior college, view a comprehensive list of awards offered in the past year in the LSU Online Catalog. Scholarships are segmented by senior college in the top navigation.