Inter-Religious Inter-Faith Council (IRFC)


The LSU Inter-Religious and Inter-Faith Council (IRFC) is composed of students from different religious and spiritual traditions dedicated to fulfilling  the mission of the IRFC.

The mission of the IRFC is to foster inter-religious dialogue, transformative safe spaces, and cooperation in affirming one's own tradition while engaging in the understanding of the practices and beliefs of others.  We seek opportunities to connect through service, education, and conversations as well as address new challenges and opportunities impacting inter-faith and inter-religious experiences at LSU. 


We are looking for students who are knowledgeable about their own faith tradition and interested in dialogue with members of other religions or spiritual backgrounds.  Members should be strong communicators, as they will be representing themselves as well as their affiliations  or organization.   They will also be connecting the work and events of the IRFC back to their religious or spiritual group or organization. 

The IRFC encourages the interaction of different religious traditions, faith traditions, spiritual or humanistic beliefs at both the individual and community level.


IRFC Application

Commitment to the IRFC includes weekly meetings for one-hour and additional activities the council determines throughout the academic year.  Members are asked to serve for at least two consecutive semesters, although members usually are active until graduation. 

We encourage two types of applicants:

  • Students interested in IRFC dialogue representing a recognized campus religious/spiritual organization, with approval from the student group or campus ministry. 
  • Students interested in IRFC dialogue not representing a campus religious/spiritual organization, especially with a unique religious/spiritual background(s).



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