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Partners in Your Success

At LSU, you will have access to acclaimed professors—including Nobel Laureates, Guggenheim Fellows, MacArthur Geniuses, National Academies of Sciences and Engineering members, and Senior Wharton Fellows. The relationships you form here will be lasting and impactful, just like that of mass communication senior Meagan Morvant and Professor Hyojung Park.

Dr. Park speaking with Meagan Morvant

Meagan was a passionate sophomore in the Manship School of Mass Communication when her path led her to Dr. Park. She joined ImPRint, a student run public relations firm, which allowed her access to a prominent internship right here on campus. At the time, Dr. Park facilitated ImPRint and their relationship was born. Now Meagan sees Dr. Park as a valued mentor, not only in times of stress and concern, but also in times of celebration. That is a driving force in Dr. Park’s relationships with her students: being present in times of need, but also being present for the moments of success, no matter how big or small. Meagan currently serves as co-director of ImPRint and is on track to graduate soon. She credits her mentor and their lasting connection for a significant portion of her success.

Joining the LSU community ensures one-on-one relationships with professors. Whether it is through advising, mentorship, or collaborative research, LSU is committed to your success.

Q&A with Dr. Park and Meagan Morvant  

What do you think is the importance of faculty/student relationships and how do you foster them? 

Dr. Park: Faculty/student relationships are important for student success and well-being. When students know that the professor cares about them and is approachable, they are likely to feel comfortable inside/outside the classroom and seek help from the professor when they need it. A good faculty-student relationship is also a driving force to keep students engaged, motivate them, and make them more interested in what they are learning.

Meagan: I cannot express the importance of forming relationships with your faculty members. Throughout my college career, I have become close with multiple professors, including Dr. Park. When I am unsure as to how something should be done, I refer to these faculty members for their assistance. As my graduation nears, I have been visiting some of them constantly asking for their advice. Throughout the process of completing my honors thesis, I have called upon these mentors to connect me with the resources I need. The relationships you form as a student with your faculty members are long-lasting and valuable, offering you a network of mentors upon which you can rely.


What is your definition of student success?

Dr. Park: I view student success as being able to connect what students have learned to their professional life and career. As a teacher, I find it my primary responsibility to pique students’ intellectual curiosity and stimulate their interest in their fields of study. Effective learning occurs best when students are motivated and enthusiastic about the knowledge you are sharing.

Meagan: I define student success as taking advantage of all the opportunities your college has to offer. Participating in student organizations allows you to receive valuable, hands-on experience that prepares you for the professional world. Not only do successful students take advantage of these opportunities, but they also utilize the resource that is faculty/staff. Student success involves networking with your professors, soaking in their advice, and learning from them as much as you can. 


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