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February 2019

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LSU Phi Kappa Phi Award Submissions
The LSU chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is currently accepting nominations for faculty and instructor awards for 2019. The deadline for submissions to Dr. Richard Vlosky is Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 5 p.m. Award forms can be found here.

LSU Tiny Tigers - LSU's Official Pregnancy and Parenting Program
Louisiana State University is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for pregnant and parenting students, staff and faculty members. The university recently assembled a committee to assess the needs of members of our community who are parents and is excited to introduce its new initiative, “LSU Tiny Tigers.” Learn more about LSU Tiny Tigers here.

We Are Collaborative...

An integral component of the LSU Strategic Plan 2025 focuses on six key values that the university inculcates in its faculty, staff and students. They are creative, culturally adept, innovative, transformative, globally engaged and collaborative. The strategic plan "LSU: I Am" series features faculty, staff and students who epitomize the values established in the strategic plan at LSU. Throughout the series, students, faculty and staff members will demonstrate how their work is connecting the university to the citizens of our city, state and world. Please see below for our seventh feature in this series titled “LSU: I Am...Collaborative."

Meagan Moore & Dr. Wayne Newhauser: We are...Collaborative.

This faculty-student duo are working to make radiation treatment more personalized by merging their backgrounds in art, engineering and medical physics. Watch Meagan and Dr. Newhauser's collaboration in action in this video.  

Dr. Michael Pasquier: I am...Collaborative. Dr. Pasquier’s number one job as director of the CCK is to support the interdisciplinary work being done on campus. He is currently fulfilling this in his ongoing project called "Coastal Voices." Read Michael's feature story to discover more. 

Roger Husser: I am...Collaborative.

Roger Husser led the development of the Comprehensive and Strategic Campus Master Plan which will be impacting LSU's inhabitants for decades, even centuries, into the future. He calls it "the most holistic planning effort in the history of LSU." Learn more in this Q&A with Roger.

Programs, Policies & Planning

SACSCOC Institutional Accreditation Statement
In order to comply with SACSCOC's representation requirements all references to LSU's institutional accreditation should include the institution's official accreditation statement.

Web & Technology Accessibility Support for LSU Faculty/Staff

Still need to make your digital content accessible? Access all the resources at LSU’s web accessibility hub.These resources include video tutorials, access to specialized training, and free tools to check your webpage for accessibility issues. If you have any questions about web accessibility, please email the Online Accessibility Working GroupFind more information about Web & Technology Accessibility support for LSU faculty and staff here. 

Faculty Technology Center Training Catalog
The Faculty Technology Center has released its spring training catalog. Trainings include Creating Accessible Documents, Moodle 3 - Basic and Beyond, Creating and Administering Online Surveys Using Qualtrics and Turning Point Student Response System. Find more information in the Faculty Technology Center Training Catalog. 

Designing and Teaching Accessible Courses
The LSU Digital & Continuing Education team is excited to offer a faculty professional development course titled Designing and Teaching Accessible Courses. This course introduces the core concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the laws and standards of accessibility in higher education. For more information and to register, visit http://training.lsu.edu.

Special Focus Program – Online Course Design & Development
Offered by the LSU Digital & Continuing Education team, the Special Focus Program is an intensive 12-week program designed to guide faculty through the development, or re-development of an online course that is fully aligned, meets accessibility standards, and ensures a consistent and positive learning experience for students. For more information and to register, visit https://training.lsu.edu.

Important Dates and Upcoming Events

“Animals in Society”
Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 7:00 pm
The School of Veterinary Medicine Auditorium
Find more information on the event here.

Digital & Continuing Education's Open Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 10:00-11:00am
Student Union, Capital Chamber (room 329)
For more information and to register click here.

Web Accessibility Tips & Tricks

Tip #1 Contextual Links
To make hyperlinks accessible in any format of web communication, make sure to describe your link, instead of just stating “click here” or “http://www.lsu.edu”. Screen readers navigate from link to link, and without a descriptor, screen readers cannot tell what the link is referring to. Instead of “Click here,” use “Contact us here,” or instead of “See this link,” use “Browse more related topics here.” As well as being beneficial to screen readers, this tip allows for better search engine retrieval, potentially increasing site visits.

Tip #2 Alt Text Images
All images in any format of web communication should have an alt text inserted. This is a simple task. For Word and PowerPoint docs, right click the image and select Format Picture. You will see an alt text option. You only need to fill in the description field.