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Daryl McKee

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Daryl McKee Doctoral Student Award

The scholarship was created in honor of departed LSU Marketing Professor Daryl McKee. McKee was a longtime LSU marketing professor and an important contributor to the PhD Program.

He passed away in 2007 after a six-year battle with cancer. After his death, faculty members and PhD students donated money to establish the scholarship bearing his name, which is awarded annually.

McKee joined the Department of Marketing faculty at LSU in 1987 upon receiving his PhD from Texas A&M University. Since then, McKee has been the key faculty expert on marketing strategy, has taught core and capstone marketing strategy courses to undergraduate marketing majors and Flores MBA students, and taught PhD seminars on marketing strategy.

McKee also had extensive expertise in services marketing, and developed and taught courses in this important area as well. Very early after his arrival at LSU, McKee became the department’s leader in teaching MBA classes. In this role he continuously served as the primary contact with the Flores MBA Program by sitting on the Flores MBA committee, and was instrumental in the recent launch of a brand marketing specialization in the Flores MBA Program.

McKee made several important contributions to the marketing discipline through multiple publications in its most respected journals, including the Journal of Marketing, and with his extensive service to the profession. He served multiple times as track chair, program chair, and special interest group leader for the American Marketing Association, as well as other academic marketing associations. He was on the editorial review boards of several top-rated marketing journals.

McKee had a long history of outstanding service to LSU, and in particular he served on several strategic planning committees and task forces at the university, college, and department levels. He served as graduate advisor, and took a lead role in the Flagship Agenda strategic planning efforts of the Department of Marketing. He served with distinction on innumerable committees in the E. J. Ourso College of Business, across the university, and in the greater business community.

McKee Doctoral Student Award Recipients

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Vincent Jeseo

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Rebecca Rast

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Jordan Moffett


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McDowell Porter III

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Matthew Lastner

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Patrick Fennell


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Jacob Hiler

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Stephanie Mangus

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Dora Schmidt


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Carolyn Garrity

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Nobuyuki Fukawa

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Mosumi Godbole