Andrew Loignon

Andrew Caleb Loignon

Assistant Professor, Rucks Department of Management
2716 Business Education Complex North
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, 70803
Phone: 225-578-6148
Fax: 225-578-6140

Biographical Summary

Andrew received his doctorate in Organizational Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


  • Research Interests: Social class in the workplace, work groups and teams, and quantitative methodology.

Selected Research Publications

  • Gooty, J., Banks, G. C, Loignon, A., Tonidandel, S., and Williams, C. EMeta-Analyses as a Multi-Level Model. Organizational Research Methods.
  • Loignon, A., Gooty, J., Rogelberg, S., and Lucianetti, L. (2019). Disagreement in Leader-Follower Dyadic Exchanges: Shared Relationship Satisfaction and Investment as Antecedents. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.
  • Loignon, A., Woehr, D. J, Loughry, M. L, and Ohland, M. W (2018). Elaborating on Team-Member Disagreement: Examining Patterned Dispersion in Team-Level Constructs. Group & Organization Management, , 1059601118776750.
  • Loignon, A. and Woehr, D. J (2018). Social class in the organizational sciences: a conceptual integration and meta-analytic review. Journal of Management, 44(1), 61--88.
  • Loignon, A., Woehr, D. J, Thomas, J. S, Loughry, M. L, Ohland, M. W, and Ferguson, D. M (2017). Facilitating Peer Evaluation in Team Contexts: The Impact of Frame-of-Reference Rater Training. Academy of Management Learning \& Education, 16(4), 562--578.
  • Woehr, D. J, Loignon, A., Schmidt, P. B, Loughry, M. L, and Ohland, M. W (2015). Justifying aggregation with consensus-based constructs: A review and examination of cutoff values for common aggregation indices. Organizational Research Methods, 18(4), 704-737.

Employed by LSU since

August 1, 2018