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Kurtay Ogunc
Instructor, Undergraduate, Honors, Minor, and Internship Advisor, Department of Finance
Instructor, Flores MBA Program
Department of Finance
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Finance Internship Overview

LSU students who plan to intern during the academic year may be able to receive three hours credit in FIN 3930 (undergrad) or FIN 7930 (graduate). Students may also use a second internship to receive credit for FIN 3910 or FIN 7900. Students should email to get started.

Requirements to receive credit include:

  • Finance, real estate, insurance or business law related internship

  • 300+ hours of work (10 weeks @ 30 hrs/wk or 15 weeks of 20 hrs/wk, for example)

  • Pre-intern paperwork (two one-page forms)

  • Weekly progress emails

  • Post-intern employer evaluation

  • Cohesive 30-page report (including weekly emails, sample of work and other questions)

For alumni with a potential finance internship opportunity for our excellent LSU finance students, please let us know at