Rajesh Narayanan

Rajesh P. Narayanan

E. Robert Theriot Professor
Department Chair, Professor, and Director of Graduate Studies-PhD Program, Department of Finance
Professor, Flores MBA Program
2933 Business Education Complex North
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-6291
Fax: 225-578-6366

Biographical Summary

Chair and PhD program director, Department of Finance.


  • PhD Finance, Florida State University
  • Other Mechanical Engineering, Bharatiar University
  • MBA Finance, Southern Illinois University


  • Teaching Interests: Banking, Financial Markets, Financial Institutions
  • Research Interests: Banking, Financial Markets, Financial Institutions

Selected Research Publications

  • McCollum, M., Narayanan, R. P., and Pace, R.A Revealed Preference Approach to Identifying Strategic Mortgage Default. Real Estate Economics.
  • Narayanan, R. P. and Uzmanoglu , C. (2018). How do firms respond to empty creditor holdout in Distressed Exchanges?. Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Narayanan, R. P. and Uzmanoglu, C. (2018). Credit Default Swaps and Firm Value. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Narayanan, R. P and Uzmanoglu , C. (2018). Credit Insurance, Distress Resolution Costs, and Bond Spreads. Financial Management.
  • Le, H. T. T., Vo, L. Van, and Narayanan, R. P. (2016). Has the effect of Asset Securitization on Bank Risk Taking Behavior Changed?. Journal of Financial Service Research, 49(1), 39-64.
  • Devos, E., Krishnamurthy, S., and Narayanan, R. P (2016). Efficiency and Market Power Gains in Bank Megamergers: Evidence from Value Line Forecasts. Financial Management.
  • Lubben, S. J. and Narayanan, R. P. (2012). CDS and the Resolution of Distress. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 24(4), 129-134.
  • Carow, K. A., Kane, E. J., and Narayanan, R. P. (2011). Safety-Net Losses From Abandoning Glass-Steagall Restrictions. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
  • Narayanan, R. P., Rangan, K. P, and Rangan, N. K (2007). The Effect of Private-Debt-Underwriting Reputation on Bank Public-Debt Underwriting. Review of Financial Studies, 20, 597-618.
  • Carow, K., Kane, E. J., and Narayanan, R. P. (2006). How Have Borrowers Fared in Banking Mega-Mergers?. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 38, 821-836.
  • Narayanan, R. P., Rangan, . P, and Rangan, N. K (2004). The Role of Syndicate Structure in Bank Underwriting . Journal of Financial Economics, 72, 555-580.


  • Davidoff, S. M. , Makhija, A. K., and Narayanan, R. P. (2011). Fairness Opinions in Mergers and Acquisitions In H. Kent Baker and Halil Kiymaz (Ed.), The Art of Capital Restructuring: Creating Shareholder Value through Mergers and Acquisitions

Working Papers

  • 2018- Rhodes, M. E., Imerman, M. B., Mason, J. R., and Narayanan, R. P. Market Dynamics among the ABX Index, Credit Default Swaps, and Mortgage-backed Bonds

Professional and Service Activities

  • FMA Asia Pacific Conference 2019, Conference-Related (July, 2018)

Employed by LSU since

August 18, 2008