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Internship Highlights

Rachel Bond

Internship Sponsor: Freddie Mac
Location: Washington, D.C.
Quote: I am overwhelmed with how amazing it is to be in D.C., not only because this is the place where things are happening, but especially in such an interesting time for our economy. I quickly realized, within the first few days of my internship, how many doors the LSU CIA program has opened for me.

Claire Bourgeois

Internship Sponsor: Grant Thorton
Location: Houston, Austin
Quote: My internship at Grant Thornton in Houston provided me with the opportunity to experience corporate life in a big city while applying concepts taught by LSU CIA to real world situations. Through working on an actual audit, I was able to demonstrate and improve my knowledge, skills and abilities. I enjoyed working on an audit team and look forward to my future career in internal auditing.


Leslie Daqui

Internship Sponsor: Grant Thorton
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Quote: Working for Grant Thornton in Guadalajara, Mexico was an incredible experience. The fact that I got to experience a new culture and got to see a different perspective of internal audit makes me a very lucky person. I got to work with some amazing people and I learned a whole lot. Thank you LSU CIA program could have not done it without the program’s help.

Bianca Galvan

Internship Sponsor: Salles Sainz Grant Thorton
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Quote: My internship in Mexico City with Salles Sainz Grant Thornton is one of the best experiences of my life. The international experience is something I would recommend to any individual who is serious about becoming a well-rounded internal auditor. The LSU CIA program not only focuses on developing new skills, but it also allows you to strengthen your own unique skills. LSU CIA opens doors to those who are confident, hard-working, and open to invaluable experiences within the internal audit profession.


Jared Greco

Internship Sponsor: Deloitte
Location: New York
Quote: The LSU CIA provides the resources necessary to excel in today's business world. The program instills the professionalism, respect, and behavior required to become employable. Internal audit views a company through a holistic lens, which is an unparalleled opportunity for any college graduate because most entry level positions are highly technical and specific. I quickly realized within a few weeks of working the powerful advantage the LSU CIA gives its students.

Carlo Malacon

Internship Sponsor: Ernst & Young
Location: Houston
Quote: The LSU CIA program placed me ahead of the curve. Many of the topics studied while in the program became relevant during the first few days of working on audit teams. In addition, the program provided me with unparalleled networking opportunities. Some of my team members were LSU CIA graduates. This similarity allowed my new teammates and I to quickly bond. This program has made a name for itself and words cannot describe the value.


Audryanna Mann

Internship Sponsor: Deloitte
Location: Houston
Quote: Participating in the CIA program was the best experience I have had at LSU. It opened up so many career opportunities I never thought were possible including two amazing internships in Houston and a full time offer in Boston.

Natalie Marek

Internship Sponsor: Coca-Cola Hellenic
Location: Europe
Quote: The LSU CIA Program is truly the most unique course I have ever taken. When looking back on my academic career, this program is the foremost reason for my personal and professional development. It challenges you and exposes you to every tool necessary to be successful in the business world. The LSU CIA program has helped me to distinguish myself from others and has added the most significant and invaluable experience to my academic and professional career. Specifically, I spent the summer of 2011 with Coca-Cola Hellenic in Europe. I worked in Athens Greece, Bucharest, Romania, and Vienna Austria. In addition, I was able to travel to Rome, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, Salzburg, Geneva, London, and Prague on my free time. The CIA program was the reason I was able to interview for this once in a lifetime opportunity with Coca-Cola and I have accepted a full-time position with them in Europe beginning January 2012.


Ivanna Nazar

Internship Sponsor: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Location: Washington, D.C.
Quote: My summer internship was a truly unforgettable experience. I got to live in an exciting and interesting city while growing professionally in a great company. The LSU CIA program opened a world of opportunities for me and I will be always grateful for this.

Brandon Raborn

Internship Sponsor: IMB Corp.
Location: New Delhi, India
Quote: Going through the LSU CIA program allows you unparalled access to executive management in truly world class companies across the globe. In one summer, I completed audits in Singapore and India.


Andrew Touchstone

Internship Sponsor: Crowe Horwath, LLP
Location: Atlanta, GA
Quote: The internship this past summer in Atlanta, GA at Crowe Horwath, LLP facilitated me with developing skills learned outside of the classroom. It exposed me to real world experience, helping me grow as a professional. The coursework learned throughout the LSU CIA program was reinforced by the work assigned to me in my internship. Additionally, I was placed on a variety of clients in a wide variety of industries.

Sara Wolfe

Internship Sponsor: BDO Seidman
Location: Dallas
Quote: I gained valuable work experience, met lots of great people, and got to travel all over the U.S. I had an amazing summer that I will never forget!!


Liwan Zhu

Internship Sponsor: Allianz
Location: Munich, Germany
Quote: LSU CIA program helps me to gain academic skills and communicative skills which prepares me well for my internship. Allianz is a great financial company. My colleagues and my boss are very willing to give me opportunities. At the same time, I got a global vision through my internship. I travelled around Europe and went hiking in Elps mountains with my colleagues.