Sarah Armstead: I am...Creative.

Sarah Armstead: I am...Creative.

Sarah Armstead is a senior, dual degree major in political science and communications. Sarah showcased her creativity by leading the social media efforts for Bengal Bound 2018, LSU's official welcome week, as well as using her photography skills to capture events during the week. In the interview below, Sarah discussed how she displays the value of creativity.

What is your role at LSU?
I am a senior dual degree candidate in Political Science and Communication student at LSU. 

How do you define creativity?
Creativity is imagining, inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes, and most importantly having fun.

What makes you a creative person?
I think what makes me a creative person is that so many people think you have to think outside the box to be creative. But, I take the approach of removing the box entirely. This allows me to challenge myself, and my creativity. What can I change? What can I create?

In what channels do you express your creativity? 
I express my creativity through photography, film, painting and writing.

How do you express your creativity in your role at LSU? What about at home and in other activities?
I am the Marketing Chair for Bengal Bound 2018, and I am also the External Director for Dance Marathon at LSU. Through these positions, I have been able to express my passion for photography and film. I've had the opportunity to bring my ideas to life on a major platform. This has pushed me to constantly keep innovating myself and all the things I show my creativity through.

What makes creativity flourish?
Creativity flourishes when you take a moment to appreciate your everyday surroundings. Every little thing can be a spark of inspiration for you to be creative. For me, music and people are what inspire me everyday. Every person has a different take on life and I take it as a challenge to try and capture those moments on camera. Music influences my creativity by taking risks in the things that I produce and not being afraid of the outcome.

How can your co-workers, friends, peers have a mindset of creativity? 
When putting yourself in a creative mindset, I feel you must remember to keep an open mind, and know that you can never use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.