LSU first in Louisiana to offer Master’s Degree in Athletic Training

The Athletic Training Program within the School of Kinesiology received approval to offer a Master's Degree in Athletic Training at the August Board of Regents meeting. Louisiana State University is the first institution in the state to receive this approval. Currently, Athletic Training is offered as a Bachelor of Science degree. The Commission on Accreditation for Athletic Training Education has mandated that all undergraduate programs transition to offering the masters degree by 2022. By offering an advanced degree, Athletic Training will better align themselves with other Allied Healthcare Professions. The last admission into the undergraduate program will be in spring of 2019. Students admitted then will be the last cohort to progress through the BS program, which will be phased out. The first Master's degree cohort will begin in summer of 2021. More information on the new Master's Degree will be made available on the School of Kinesiology’s webpage in the upcoming months.