Amber LeBlanc: I am...Creative.

Amber LeBlanc: I am...Creative.

As the Design and Communications Specialist for the Student Health Center here at LSU, Amber LeBlanc encompasses the value of creativity daily in her professional and personal life.
“I have always been pretty creative,” explains LeBlanc. “Even as a young child, one could always find me experimenting with paint, drawings and graphic design. I am constantly inspired by so many things and keep my creative juices flowing by challenging myself with new techniques and ideas.”

LeBlanc defines creativity as having an idea and not being afraid to act upon it. She explains that it requires commitment and passion as well as originality.

“I try to use as many mediums as I can,” says LeBlanc when asked how she expresses her creativity. “I enjoy the stillness of designing on a computer as well as the energy of getting hands on with paint and clay. It really broadens my creativity and creates a balance.”

At LSU, LeBlanc is able to express her creativity though her day to day tasks which include: managing content and design of all the Student Health Center’s social media platforms in addition to maintaining website content, creating fliers, info-graphics and signage to promote services and outreach events throughout the year. She also has the capability of capturing photos of students at the events sponsored by the SHC. She works collaboratively with her peers which helps to enhance her creative ideas.

“I’m so thankful for the support from my co-workers, family and friends,” explains LeBlanc. “I really have a great collaborative work environment. I enjoy sharing my designs with co-workers and bouncing ideas off of each other as their feedback is always constructive and helpful.”

In her time away from work, LeBlanc owns her design business where she creates custom wedding invitations as well as branding projects from logo design to stationary. Additionally, she creates abstract paintings with the experimentation of acrylic paint and/or sand and makes jewelry and jewelry dishes.


Amber LeBlanc - in her studio  Amber LeBlanc - handmade jewelry Amber LeBlanc - studio space