Training for Managers (Managers as Self)

Within Workday, managers will be able to view employees' time off, request modifications to employees' time off requests, and submit time requests on behalf of employees. Use the training resources below to learn more about completing these tasks.

Employee Discipline

Disciple, Classified Employees

Coaching Session (PDF)
First Decisional Conference (PDF)
Second Decisional Conference (PDF)

Final Decisional Conference (Contract) (PDF)

Discipline, Professional Employees

Coaching Session (PDF)
First Notice (PDF)
Final Notice (PDF

Performance Management

Manager: Annual Performance Evaluation (PDF)
Manager's Manager: Annual Performance Evaluation (PDF)
Planning Document for Manager (PDF
Planning Document for Manager's Manager (PDF
Midyear Performance Review Document for Managers (PDF

Time and Absence


Time Off Quick Guide for Managers (PDF
Enter Time Off (PDF
Correct Time Off (PDF)
Place Worker on Leave (PDF
FMLA Quick Guide (PDF


TIme Tracking

Time Tracking Quick Guide for Managers (PDF)
Enter Time (PDF)
Correct Time (PDF) 
Time Entry Codes (PDF

Comp, Overtime, Flex Schedules Quick Guide (PDF

General Resources

Time & Absence Reports (PDF