The LSU Student Health Center Office of Wellness and Health Promotion is excited to offer new students and other members of the LSU community the opportunity to experience MyStudentBody, an online comprehensive health education program. We are introducing the updated MSB Essentials Course with brand-new information and engaging teaching strategies. Our hope is that students will use this resource throughout their time at LSU and not just as a result of a requirement or class assignment.


Who Can Use This Site?

While first-year/first-semester students are required to visit the site, any member of the LSU student body who wants to learn more about various health topics in an up-to-date, non-judging manner can visit. Some organizations may require this as part of member training. In some instances, students may also be referred to MSB after an alcohol or other drug-related disciplinary incident.

Anyone who would like to have a sample visit to MyStudentBody is encouraged to contact the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion at 225-578-5718 to request a sample log-in and for general information.


Important Annoucements

MyStudentBody also offers information on tobacco, stress, sexual health and many other health topics!  Check out the updated Sexual Violence module!

  • What is the MyStudentBody Essentials Course on Sexual Violence Prevention?
    • As part of MSB's "Essentials" Course, Sexual Violence Prevention includes thirteen interactive topics meant to promote healthy relationships, build awareness to prevent sexual violence, and help students who have experienced sexual violence. Intended for all students, including those who have been victims, survivors, and perpetrators of sexual violence, the information in this course meets all education requirements identified in the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act. The course is designed for both first-year students and as a yearly refresher for all returning students. The course has pre-test and post-test questions that ensure the student has read and understands the material.

If you are having problems accessing MyStudentBody due to issues with the website, please contact them directly.

If you are a second semester freshman who completed the MyStudentBody Essentials Course in a previous semester, you do not have to go through it again. If you are a new freshman, please read on for more information.


Consequences For Not Completing the Requirement

If you do not complete the requirement, you will not be able to add or drop classes from your schedule after the hold is placed. You will still be able to pay your fee bill, and your classes will not be purged. However, if you wish to change your schedule after the hold is placed, you will have to complete the MyStudentBody Essentials Course. The hold will be lifted within one day of successful course completion (≥ 80% on each of three sections).


NOTICE! You are preregistered. Do not create your own account. Do not use a school code. If you fail to follow the log-in instructions provided, your successful completion of the requirement will NOT be documented appropriately, and therefore your hold will not be lifted. It is imperative that you follow the instructions provided.

Log-In Instructions


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