Graduate School Staff | LSU Graduate School

Office of the Dean


Michelle A. Massé

Sean Lane
Associate Dean 

Tiffany Galasso
Assistant Dean

Cindy D'Amico 

James (BJ) Rice
Computer Analyst

Stephanie Clark
Document Management and
Call Center Manager

Mary Adcock
Data Processing and Records


Graduate Admissions (Prospective Student)

Phone 225-578-2311
If you are a prospective student who needs to reach a staff member, please email

Leila Shaik
Assistant Director

David Bergman
Admissions Officer

Kayla Gros
Admissions Officer

Mark Normand
Admissions Officer


Academic Services (Enrolled Students)

Phone: 225-578-2311
If you are a currently enrolled student who needs to reach a staff member, please email

Clovier I. Torry

Jamie Miller
Academic Services Officer

Cynthia Morey
Academic Services Officer

Wendy Abboud
Online Academic Services Officer

Christine Timpa
Administrative Program Specialist
Residency Coordinator

Sean Lynam
Graduation Coordinator 

Catherine McKenzie
Thesis/Dissertation Editor

Cleve Brooks
Thesis/Dissertation Editor


Radius Application System

James (BJ) Rice
Radius Application System Troubleshooting